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Kuramathi Maldives Launches the Muraka Project: Coral Propagation for Reef Regeneration.

Added: (Fri Aug 25 2023)

Pressbox (Press Release) - On this World Ocean Day, the 8th of June 2023, Kuramathi Maldives takes great pride in launching the Muraka Project a pioneering coral propagation initiative. With a steadfast dedication to environmental sustainability and preservation, Kuramathi Maldives will be, fostering the sustainable growth and regeneration of coral reefs in the Kuramathi surrounded region.

The Muraka Project, is led by our dedicated Eco Centre team, in collaboration with our experienced resident marine biologist, Sara Scroglieri. The program will utilize advanced techniques and methods to propagate and grow new coral colonies, while also rehabilitating damaged and degraded reefs in the surrounding waters of the resort.

Kuramathi Eco Centre has been at the forefront of coral restoration efforts since 2009 when the first coral nursery was established in our lagoon. Over the years, significant progress has been achieved, and we remain committed to continually enhancing our project by exploring different strategies and studying the most effective methods for different coral species. Our ongoing research allows us to stay updated with the latest advancements in coral propagation, ensuring the best possible outcomes for reef regeneration.

Similar to growing a new plant from a cutting, corals can also be pruned and regrown from existing fragments. Nature itself demonstrates this phenomenon as fragments of coral colonies break off and regenerate elsewhere. Through coral gardening and other innovative techniques, we aim to assist the reefs in recovering their ecological services, including coastal protection, marine biodiversity, and aesthetic values.

The entire Kuramathi team is thrilled about the program's potential to contribute to the regeneration of coral reefs in the region. We eagerly anticipate providing our esteemed guests with firsthand opportunities to witness these remarkable efforts. Kuramathi Maldives remains steadfast in its mission to promote sustainable tourism and ensure the preservation of the region's natural beauty for generations to come.

The Muraka Project serves as a testament to Kuramathi Maldives' unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. On this World Ocean Day, we celebrate the collective efforts of our Eco Centre team, local schools, and the wider community. By fostering collaboration and raising awareness about the significance of coral reef conservation, we pave the way for a brighter future for our oceans.

More Information - https://www.kuramathi.com/

Submitted by:Mariyam Shahula
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