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The Art of Furoshiki: TIFFANY NOYAMA's Sustainable Packaging Solution

Added: (Tue Oct 24 2023)

Pressbox (Press Release) - As part of an innovation initiative towards sustainability and cultural fusion, TIFFANY NOYAMA unveiled an exquisite new packaging concept that harmoniously blends the traditional Japanese art of furoshiki with eco-conscious practices.

Renowned for its timeless and classy tweed fashion, TIFFANY NOYAMA has embarked on a transformative journey to redefine the very essence of packaging. Drawing inspiration from the Founder's lifelong fascination with Japanese culture, the brand has ingeniously incorporated furoshiki into its packaging for select products.

“We hope to introduce customers to a treasured Japanese tradition that they may not have experienced before,” says Tiffany Lui, Founder and Director of TIFFANY NOYAMA.

The luxurious tweed fabrics that the brand uses have a rich history in the British textile industry, while furoshiki cloths have been used for centuries in Japan as a versatile and eco-friendly wrapping material. By blending elements of East and West, we seamlessly fuse sustainability and luxury.

Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese cloth known for its versatility in wrapping and transporting items, now embraces the brand's garments, replacing conventional paper, boxes, and plastic. Its versatility and durability present a unique opportunity for customers to creatively repurpose these exquisite fabric wraps. Whether used as gift wraps, chi tote bags, or even elegant table accents, their commitment to reducing waste extends beyond the initial unwrapping.

Beyond the sustainability benefits, furoshiki enables a special unboxing experience, adding a touch of charm and tradition. The team at TIFFANY NOYAMA worked closely with a Japanese furoshiki manufacturer in Kyoto to develop the highest quality furoshiki cloths that meet the brand’s high standards.

This innovative initiative paves the way for a more environmentally friendly future in the fashion industry, all while introducing customers worldwide to the timeless art of furoshiki.


Tiffany Lui
Founder and Director
+44 7485 527268
Instagram: @tiffanynoyama

TIFFANY NOYAMA is a luxury womenswear brand, with an aesthetic of simple, yet elegant designs that are both timeless and classy. Their mission is to empower women through fashion and self-development content and to create a platform where women can be inspired to feel confident to live their passions.

Submitted by:Tiffany Lui
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