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Pressbox (Press Release) - Summer intake universities in usa
The American academic landscape opens its doors for the Summer Intake, spanning May to
August. Unlike its counterparts, it's not universally available across all programs and
Yet, for international students, the Summer Intake presents a strategic pathway to secure
admission into their desired programs. With lower competition during this period, applicants
can capitalise on enhanced opportunities for successful admission.
What is the Summer Intake in the USA
In the USA, Summer Intake at universities presents a more limited selection of courses than
other admission periods. Nevertheless, numerous shorter-duration programs and courses
are accessible for prospective students.
Academic institutions extensively offer language and various courses during the Summer
Intake, specifically designed to support individuals whose native language is not English.
Nevertheless, the likelihood of securing admission during the Summer Intake is remarkably
elevated. Foreign students have the opportunity to earn credits in the courses available
during this period, enabling them to subsequently switch to other programs aligned with their
academic interests.
What documents are necessary to apply for Summer Intake Universities in the United
Here is a list of required documents for international students applying for the Summer
1.Statement of Purpose
2.Essay (if required)
3.Letters of recommendation
4.Official academic transcripts
5.Writing samples (if required)
6.Resume or CV
7.Standardised test scores for relevant courses like SAT, GMAT, ACT, GRE
8.Language test scores for PTE, IELTS, TOEFL
9.Receipt for application fee payment
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What are the Summer Intake Universities in the United States?
Here is a list of some well-known universities in the United States that provide courses
during the Summer Intake:
1.Clemson University
2.Aurora University
3.Florida Atlantic University
4.Capital University
5.Delaware Valley University
6.Bridgewater College
7.University of Central Missouri
8.Florida Gulf Coast University
9.Western Illinois University
10.Lamar University
11.Jacksonville University
12.University of North Texas
13.Canisius College
14.Purdue University
15.Cleveland State University
16.Georgia Southern University
17.Boston University
18.Indiana University Bloomington
19.University of Oregon
20.Southeast Missouri State University
21.University of Michigan
22.Stockton University
23.Bridgewater State University
24.North Central University
25.Stanford University
26.Southeastern University
Which courses are most popular during Summer Intake in the United States?
Here is a selection of in-demand courses frequently available during the Summer Intake in
the USA:
1.Financial Management
2.Advanced Machine Learning
3.Electrical Engineering
5.Programming Abstractions and Techniques
6.Banking and Finance Strategies
7.Business Administration
8.Creative Design
9.Journalism and Media Studies
10.Managerial Accounting
11.Advanced Computer Science
When are the deadlines for admission to Summer Intake Universities in the United
Admissions processes in each college and university are characterised by diverse deadlines,
primarily categorised as follows:
Applying through Early Decision provides international students with a competitive edge as
they submit their applications several months ahead of the Regular Decision applicants.
While this strategy offers priority status, it comes with a potential drawback. If international
students do not secure admission during the Early Decision phase, it could pose challenges
and limitations in the subsequent Regular Decision process.
When international students submit their applications to colleges and universities with
deadlines spanning from January to April, they are effectively participating in the Regular
Decision process. Typically, the outcomes of their applications become available around
Certain educational institutions operate without rigid application deadlines. Embracing a
Rolling Basis approach, these universities establish a priority deadline, signalling the
culmination of the admission process.
The assessment of applications and the admission journey follow a fluid and dynamic
course. International students are accepted continuously, ensuring all available seats in a
particular course are occupied.
Diverse educational institutions across the United States set different timelines for their
Summer Intake applications, typically falling between January and April.
It is recommended for international students to meticulously track the specific deadlines of
the colleges they wish to apply to. For those opting for admissions through the Rolling Basis,
paying close attention to the priority deadline becomes crucial.
Enrolling in Summer Intake Universities in the USA is a strategic option for global students
aspiring to undertake diverse courses in the country, especially if they missed the application
window for the Spring or Fall intake.
Numerous colleges and universities provide a range of courses during the Summer Intake,
presenting international students with a favourable environment due to lower competition.
This presents an excellent opportunity for them to secure admission to their preferred
academic institutions.
Additionally, completing the Summer Intake opens avenues for international students to
effortlessly secure spring internships, enhancing their overall educational experience.

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