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Henry County Georgia Residents Rally to Restore the Right to Choose Their Elected Officials

Added: (Mon Oct 02 2023)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Henry County, October 2nd, 2023 In a move that has ignited passionate debates across Henry County, concerned citizens are joining forces to shed light on recent events that have raised questions about the integrity of their democratic process. The core issue revolves around Senate Bill 22, which has had far-reaching consequences on the political landscape of Henry County District 2.

Senate Bill 22, passed in March 2022, conferred extensive powers to the chair of Henry County, impacting key positions including the County Manager, County Attorney, and Henry County Water Commissioners. Notably, this bill initiated a significant shift in the county's political dynamics, particularly in the lead-up to the November 2022 elections.

Key events and developments include:

**Redistricting and its Implications**: It is important to note that Senate Bill 22 was signed into law just days before the qualifying period for the election. This sudden legislative shift redistricted Commissioner Bruce B. Holmes, effectively dissolving District 5, where Holmes had previously served as the incumbent.

**Appointment of Commissioner Dee Clemmons**: As a consequence of the redistricting, Commissioner Dee Clemmons was automatically appointed as the District 2 Commissioner, rendering Bruce B. Holmes ineligible to run for the newly formed District 2 due to his prior status as District 5 incumbent.

**Controversy Surrounding Commissioner Clemmons' Seat**: Subsequently, Commissioner Clemmons experienced health issues, and her legal request for a leave of absence was denied. A legal dispute ensued over her seat, ultimately leading to her removal from office. By law, a special election should have been held in early September, but the timing was strategically manipulated.

**Manipulation of the Election Process**: It has come to light that some individuals, including the chairperson, worked to expedite Commissioner Clemmons' removal and shift the special election to November. This strategic move ensured the appointment of a non-elected official, a friend of the chairperson, to the District 2 seat, with the intention of labeling this individual as an incumbent for the upcoming election.

**Impact on Democracy**: This controversial sequence of events highlights the concerns of Henry County citizens. While an appointed commissioner lost re-election for COS city council and commissioner, Bruce B. Holmes, a previously elected official with a successful track record, was barred from running for the seat and effectively marginalized.

The result was a disregard for the principles of democracy, as the right of Henry County citizens to vote for their commissioners was usurped in favor of political selections.

In light of these developments, Henry County residents have come together to launch a grassroots movement to rectify the situation. They aim to restore their right to choose their elected officials, as originally intended by democratic principles.

A special election on November 7th presents an opportunity for change. Residents are rallying behind Bruce B. Holmes, who boasts a clear 12-year track record of improving Henry County. The #BRINGBRUCEBACK campaign aims to rekindle democracy in Henry County and ensure that the voice of the people prevails.

Henry County District 2 residents are encouraged to participate in the Special Election on November 7th to reclaim their right to choose their elected officials and support Bruce B. Holmes. For more information, brucebholmes website brucebholmes.com and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #BRINGBRUCEBACK.

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