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CRC Salmon is the Best Option to Choose for the Transcription and Court Reporting Services

Added: (Tue Mar 26 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Court reporters are the people who are responsible for creating transcripts of the speeches and conversations that are being held in the courtroom for future use. The reporters in our company are well trained and experienced in writing down the transcripts correctly with no errors. To make sure court reporting in Maryland is done quickly and accurately we have attached the steno machines with computers so that the reports can be printed out simultaneously without waiting for long periods. Unlike other companies, we make sure that customer is happy with the services, if not they can drop suggestions in the box so that we can improve that aspect of ours.

One of the most important aspects of reporting is to make sure transcription has neither no grammar error nor punctuation problem, to diminish this mistake we provide proper training to all of our staff for six weeks before hiring them. Also, speed is a vital clog in typing, so instead of typing specialist, we hire stenographers as they provide more accurate and precise typing. Apart from this, if the reporter cannot communicate with the client then it is of no use, he or she should have good English skills as maximum cases are written in the English language. The employees that we hire are the ones who score 90 percent marks during their study and who are confident of working under immense pressure.

Previously transcriptions were organized in stacks in the office, this would require much time for searching the correct files after a long gap, but now in the digital age, all the reports are saved directly into the computer which makes it search the file during the emergency. There is no additional consultancy fee for visiting; we take full responsibility of the court reporting in Maryland and makes audio and video files which can be crucial in the proceedings between judge and lawyers. In case of voice writing the court reporter speaks into a hand-held mask with a microphone. The mask ensures that no other sounds interfere with what is being recorded during testimony. Voice writers record what is said by judges, witnesses, and attorneys. They also record gestures and reactions.
There are other services which are provided by us that include:
• Deposition
• Arbitration
• Video Conferencing/Video Streaming
• Video Deposition
• CD and Tape Transcription
• CART—Computer Aided Realtime Translation

Our employees are certified by The National Court Reporters Association who grants the title of Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) to individuals who pass a four-part examination.

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