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Pressbox (Press Release) - HOUSTON, TEXAS-MAY 8, 2019- Hastings Law Firm-Medical Malpractice Lawyers is pleased to be the premier law firm in Houston, TX specializing in medical malpractice. They are one of the few firms left in the area that still exclusively practice these types of cases, and their track record speaks for itself.

Medical malpractice suits are one of the most challenging types of cases to try in Texas. Hours of research and litigation go into successfully winning medical negligence suits. In addition to the time and dedication it takes to win, there have been law reform that limits compensation benefits for injured parties.

What sets Hastings Law Firm apart from other law offices in the area? They are medical malpractice attorney in Houston that solely handle this area of law. Their attorneys are caring, compassionate and devote countless hours to every case. The long road to victory doesn't deter their team from challenging insurance companies and going after what their clients deserve. Their goal is always to get clients the most compensation for their or their loved one's injuries.

Medical malpractice can result in debilitating, life-altering physical injuries, pain and suffering, not to mention financial hardships. Those that have been injured may have lost their job, are unable to work, and have thousands in unpaid medical bills. This is where Hastings Law Firm can help. They go after the insurance companies to ensure your medical bills, and other expenses are covered, as well as fighting hard for a fair settlement.

Tommy Hastings, founder, and lead attorney has said, "Hospitals, doctors, nurses, and insurance companies have a wide range of resources at their disposal to avoid injury claims, including experienced defense lawyers on their side helping them put up obstacles to protect themselves. You need a lawyer in Houston with equal experience, who specializes in medical malpractice to help you win your case." about the importance of having an attorney for malpractice suits.

Some situations of medical malpractice cases, Hastings Law Firm handles include defective devices, product liabilities, failure to diagnose, and wrongful deaths. These types of cases are difficult to try, and even more challenging to win. But with Hastings Law Firm, clients get the best representation possible. Their history of winnings has resulted in recovering millions for their clients.

Hastings Law Firm- Medical Malpractice Lawyers works on a contingency fee. Clients pay nothing upfront; the firm handles all the expenses of trying the case. Only if the lawsuit is settled successfully will the firm collect a portion of the settlement. There is never a promise of payoff, which is why many attorneys have strayed away from solely practicing medical malpractice. But Hastings Law Firm is confident in their trial experience and knowledge of Tort law, that they will deliver the results their clients not only want but deserve.

Injured parties can request a free consultation with the experienced a Houston medical malpractice lawyer at Hastings Law Firm. For those that can make it to their Houston office, one of their attorneys will travel to them for a free one-on-one consultation. During a consultation, the details of the case will be gone over and what to expect from the lawsuit process.

For more information on Hastings Law Firm- Medical Malpractice Lawyers visit https://www.hastingsfirm.com/locations/houston-medical-malpractice-attorneys/. For questions, please contact Tommy Hastings at 713-543-8063 or intake@hastingsfirm.com.

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