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Sustainable Innovation and Market Disruption: Entrepreneurial Insights with EquityMatch

Added: (Wed Dec 13 2023)

Pressbox (Press Release) - EquityMatch.co presented its 77th pitch event. The success of these events is greatly displayed by the number of investors and founders eagerly awaiting to join and excel through its inventive Pitch Events. Max and his team’s dedication makes these virtual sessions empower dreams to become reality. Make use of the opportunity provided every Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. GMT, live on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Max, opening the session, said he was eager to reach the 100th session. He invited interested parties to join the event and introduced the guest investor panelist, Hans Bernard Meyer, to present himself.

Hans, an investor and CEO of COFIMORE Holdings, with 30+ years' of experience in corporate finance, HR, and entrepreneurship across the UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland, led the session. Specializing in private equity and venture capital, Hans is currently focused on undervalued equity, investing in small to medium-sized B2C companies often overlooked by other investors.

Max introduced the first pitcher of the day, Stefan Magnusson from the US. The co-founder of “Taurus Technologies”, in this Seed Round, is seeking $10 million in investment.

Tech has invented a new technology, “It’s based on completely different physics” Stefan began.

The new motor is equipped with an impulsors solid instead of a regular coil. This new electric motor consumes 25% less energy, offering a significant contribution to improving the environment. He also emphasized the materials used have a significant impact. The design is already patented for aviation; aerospace, industrial, and household items. The motor, designed for diverse applications, aims to reduce energy consumption, allowing users to earn carbon credits. Stefan envisions a vast market worth trillions. A 3.4% improvement could significantly benefit the environment and yield profits for Taurus. Funds will facilitate expansion into HVAC, EV fans, propulsion systems, and marketing.

Stefan concluded by stating that they can outperform any electric motor in terms of speed. Hans was curious about the production and marketing aspects. He pointed out that if the product is available, despite the patented rights, somebody must have already copied it. Stefan clarified that they have already partnered with companies manufacturing fans in Germany. Additionally, they have massive manufacturing plants in Mexico ready for mass production. He further explained that the electric motor is only a subcomponent of other products, and their product will reach households through different applications, enabling the use of an environmentally friendly component and saving energy.

Moving on to the next founder, Daisy Harvey, Founder of LOOM, a circular fashion platform based in London. In her Pre-seed Round, she is seeking £250,000.

Daisy – whose career has been in the fashion industry, started a sustainable marketplace which led her to this new venture, LOOM, initiating a circular fashion revolution in the UK.

Further elaborating, she mentioned that only ¼ of the wardrobe is actually used in the UK, attributing it to bad fit, bad design, and bad quality. She quantified it to be 1.6 billion in the UK. This could be averted by having custom-made clothes, which are currently very expensive and inaccessible.

LOOM aims to support with solutions, offering a B2C platform that connects parties in the fashion industry. Simply put, consumers are connected with designers who offer their services in creating new designs, upcycling, or bespoke clothing. In this process, LOOM will also take care of the customer service needs of the designers. Whether you need an outfit for an upcoming event, want to upcycle some worn clothes, or are interested in bespoke clothing, LOOM will connect you with the most suitable designer. Daisy mentioned that AI integration is sought to make changes to existing clothing and help connect with the designer closest in location.

She shared that the global e-commerce fashion market is set to grow up to $1.2 trillion in 2027. Out of that, 3% is taken by circular fashion, which is expected to grow to 23% by 2027. LOOM is confident of having a 3% share, amounting to $37 million.

Daisy highlighted their position at the intersection of three growing trends: sustainability, supporting small businesses, and mobile commerce. Their distinctive edge lies in offering alterations, repairs, bespoke clothing, and a marketplace for sustainable brands catering to a wide range of customer needs.

Hans asked about scaling and how she plans on making money. Daisy explained that this is a software solution, and the platform will charge a commission for every transaction. As they scale, they are also considering subscriptions and membership charges.

Max then invited Anders Dewoon, Founder & CEO of Consenz International, based in Stockholm, seeking Є300,000 investment in the automotive sector. He introduced a device to stay connected while driving, an intelligent driving assistance, and connected head-up display.

With his latest focus on autonomous electrified and connected transport systems, he felt the need for the device he is currently working on. Consenz aims to improve road safety and smart mobility. He pointed out that 1.4 million people die in traffic accidents every year, and the fastest-growing root cause is mobile phone usage while driving. He emphasized that the car industry is heavily investing in modern cars, but the problem lies elsewhere. Consenz's adaptable display can be fitted into any car, incorporating two built-in cameras, conversational AI, and a visual interface. It helps drivers stay connected without mobile phone use, prioritizing road safety. Anders highlighted the vast market potential with 1.2 billion cars, suggesting a long-term presence before becoming obsolete.

He mentioned that feedback from professional and private users has been very positive. They have also received approval from the Swedish innovation agency.

There are two simple business models being practiced. One is a monthly subscription, and the other is a purchase model that includes two years of connectivity. Their initial target is Sweden, where they want to try both B2B and B2C approaches and obtain a quality stamp from the country of origin.

When Hans asked whether they approached any major automotive industries and what their response was, Anders explained that they are aiming to brand the platform so that the product can be used in any car industry. He added that the use of the device is very relieving for most users, as they can navigate with voice commands only.

The final pitch was by Olena Iosifova – CEO of Ender Turing, based in Estonia, seeking a Seed Round of Є1.75 million investment in the enterprise software sector.

Ender Turing offers support services to small, medium, and large enterprises, with its core product being machine learning-based behaviour analytics. Olena began by highlighting a common message heard when making calls to banks, insurance companies, or healthcare institutes, stating that the call would be recorded for quality control and training purposes. She noted that less than 5% of the calls are actually listened to out of the 800 million calls recorded daily. Enterprises hardly get the benefits of the expected evaluation.

Ender Turing claims to have the capability to process 100% of the calls. The platform can process conversations in 24 different languages, capturing customer objections, consent compliance, and 14 more control points.

The service provides a daily detailed report to enhance customer satisfaction, revenue, debt recovery, and other benefits. It's also valuable for training customer service representatives. Over 15 companies saw significant revenue and referral improvements. Pricing is agent-based, with monthly or annual options. Seeking €1.75 million to become a top 3 solution in the market.

Hans asked whether reports could be extracted based on any given criteria, to which Olena replied in the affirmative and explained how the system works. Hans showed significant interest in the presentation.

For the final session - Elevator Pitches, Olena started “We’ve grown more than three times in revenue last year and expanded to five countries. We are ready to scale.”

Stefan followed with: “I’m ready to cut 25% of the bills, and I’m asking if the investors are ready to accept.”

Anders invited everyone to join the scalable platform to save lives in traffic.

Daisy emphasized that investing in LOOM is not just a chance to be part of a business but also a meaningful impact on the future.

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