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Added: (Tue Jun 13 2023)

Pressbox (Press Release) - 1st July in Delhi, Rohini As the sacred occasion of Guru Purnima approaches, we are delighted to announce the commemoration of this auspicious day that pays homage to the invaluable contributions of spiritual teachers. Guru Purnima, also known as Vyasa Purnima, is a celebration observed by millions around the world, acknowledging the wisdom and guidance bestowed upon us by our mentors.
Guru Purnima, falling on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Aashaadha (June/July), holds immense significance in various spiritual traditions. The term "Guru" refers to the one who dispels darkness and guides seekers on their journey towards enlightenment. This day serves as a heartfelt tribute to the gurus who have selflessly shared their knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual teachings to empower individuals and uplift communities.
In this fast-paced world, where distractions abound, the observance of Guru Purnima provides a moment to reflect and express gratitude towards those who have enlightened our paths. It serves as a reminder of the profound impact that a guru can have on shaping our lives and nurturing our spiritual growth. Guru Purnima is an opportunity for seekers of knowledge to acknowledge and honor the transformative presence of their teachers.
The celebrations of Guru Purnima vary across cultures and spiritual traditions. It is a day marked by prayers, discourses, and devotional songs dedicated to the revered gurus. Students, disciples, and devotees gather to seek blessings and express their gratitude for the teachings and guidance they have received. This day not only serves as a tribute to the gurus of the past but also honors the gurus of the present who continue to inspire and enlighten.
We encourage everyone, regardless of their spiritual affiliation, to embrace the essence of Guru Purnima and express their appreciation for the mentors who have made a profound impact on their lives. Whether it is a spiritual guide, a revered teacher, or a mentor from any field, Guru Purnima serves as a reminder to cherish the knowledge and guidance we have received and to recognize the importance of passing on that wisdom to future generations.
Join us in celebrating Guru Purnima and honoring the gurus who have touched our lives. Let us come together as a community, expressing our gratitude, and embodying the teachings we have received.

For more information, please contact:
Vishwa Jagriti Mission Support Team
Email- info@vishwajagritimission.org
Phone Number- 91 8826891955/ 9589938938
Event Address- Shakti Tent, The Golden Decor, Near Japani Park Sector-12, Rohini, Delhi-110085

Submitted by:Gourav Singh
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