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Runway Pilates Gives Back to Local Communities on World Mental Health Day

Added: (Thu Sep 28 2023)

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Manchester, Greater Manchester

Leading Reformer Pilates provider, Runway Pilates offers accessible Reformer Pilates classes in a “you choose what you pay” model to celebrate World Mental Health Day (WMHD) and pledges to donate all profits to its chosen charity, Rethink.

This, in conjunction with a membership giveaway where three winners will receive a three-month membership to Runway Pilates, is how the boutique fitness studio brand is raising awareness of mental health and the positive impact movement has on the mind.
Accessing Reformer Pilates from £5 on World Mental Health Day via Runway Pilates

On Tuesday 10th October, customers can choose to contribute from £5 up to £30 to attend a Reformer Pilatesclass at any of Runway Pilates three studio locations in either Alderley Edge, Altrincham or Manchester.

The collection of Reformer Pilates studios across Cheshire and Manchester will also be offering an extended schedule on this day to accommodate demand.

The studios expect classes to be at capacity with people from in and around Cheshire and Manchester discovering the famous low-impact, resistance-based workout. In turn, Runway Pilates hopes to make a significant contribution to the charity, Rethink, which is a leading provider of mental health services in the UK with a focus on challenging the stigma surrounding mental health.

Business Development Manager at Runway Pilates, Bethany Spence commented:

“We carefully selected Rethink as our chosen charity, not only because they are one of the leading providers of mental health services in the UK and have an impressive 90 services and 140 support groups locally but also due to their philosophy of challenging people to rethink mental health, remove stigma and offer support.

At Runway Pilates, we have always attempted to provide a central, non-judgemental space with welcoming staff and a clean, safe environment. The values of Rethink align with our own and so we’re very pleased to be able to make a significant contribution to their work and support such an amazing cause.”

Find out more about Rethink: https://www.rethink.org/

To book, customers simply need to choose any class on Tuesday 10th October and decide their contribution. Individuals do not need a prior membership or sign up for any form of long-term commitment to attend their prestigious studios that enjoy strong membership and visits from top athletes.

Visit this link to book: https://momence.com/u/runway-pilates-ltd-B64tMb

To enter the membership giveaway, individuals must fill in the form on the competition page stating why they would benefit from regular access to expert Reformer Pilates. It is also possible to nominate somebody else to win the prize.

Visit the competition page for more details and to enter: [LINK WHEN LIVE]

Why Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is a well-established workout founded by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920s as a form of rehabilitation and conditioning and then later used as a training technique for dancers.

It has long been popular in the United States, Canada and Australia but has since become more prominent in the UK. It was nine years ago when Runway Pilates Founder, Catherine Hebb opened the doors to the business's first studio in Altrincham, a time when there was virtually no Reformer Pilates offered in the North of the UK on this scale.

Founder of Runway Pilates, Catherine Hebb states:

“After a painful knee and back injury prevented me from playing Netball at Loughborough University, this prompted me to discover Pilates, which transformed not only my injuries and my body but also my mind. My love of Reformer Pilates inspired me to start my own business, Runway Pilates.

My goal was to pair Reformer Pilates classic technique and principles with the clean spaces and vibrancy of contemporary gyms. Nine years ago, I opened my first studio doors in Altrincham and have since expanded the business to nearby Alderley Edge and then more recently, Manchester’s city centre, opening a studio in the Northern Quarter to spread the joy of Reformer Pilates and help more people.

The response to the business has been overwhelmingly positive, we now have a strong membership base at all three studios, a real sense of community and a variety of success stories from personal fitness transformations to rehabilitation of complex injury. Nearly a decade later, we are excited to look towards the future to understand how we can make the standardised style of teaching we have at Runway Pilates more accessible across the country.”

Now, there are more and more Reformer Pilates studios opening in the area and Reformer Pilates is becoming a commonly accepted form of movement, recovery and strength training that can form a person’s entire workout regimen or bolster their performance in other areas such as cycling, running, weight lifting or golf.

The benefits of Reformer Pilates include its ability to align the body with small, controlled movements and its introspection with a focus on breath and mind-to-muscle connection. This means it is aptly positioned to help everyone, from individuals with old injuries who need to strengthen a dominant side and athletes who tend to over-train particular muscle groups over others. Reformer Pilates offers a safe, considered way to train with plenty of instructor attention and corrections.

Founder, Catherine Hebb comments:

“Reformer Pilates can benefit everyone. Many of our own instructors have been impacted by injury, stopping them from pursuing professional dance careers or engaging in high-impact sports. They have found the principles and techniques of Pilates has helped them re-engage in physical activity, rehabilitate their body and lessen their pain, which in turn has a positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

Like many, we’ve noticed a link between movement and mind, seeing first-hand the impact it has when somebody loses the ability to move freely. This is why World Mental Health Day is an important annual milestone for Runway Pilates.

We recognise, due to the required expertise and cost of equipment, that Reformer Pilates is a considerable investment for many. So, in times such as World Mental Health Day we feel it vital to offer a more accessible service to facilitate discovery of Reformer Pilates and the community it brings to bolster our mental well-being.”

Book your class from £5 this World Mental Health Day: https://momence.com/u/runway-pilates-ltd-B64tMb
Follow the link, navigate to Tuesday October 10th, select a class marked ‘WMHD’ and book.

About Runway Pilates
Founded in 2014, Runway Pilates is a collection of Reformer Pilates studios across Cheshire and Manchester, offering expert group Reformer Pilates classes and 1:1 sessions, all using quality Merrithew equipment.

The first major provider of Reformer Pilates in the North West, Runway Pilates prioritises responsible Pilates, teaching excellence and service with dedicated Front of House teams and spotless facilities. Their Manchester city centre site is a Merrithew host training centre, helping to bring more qualified instructors nationally with one of the best-regulated certificates.

Visit: https://runwaypilates.com/

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