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Tukee Nepal Society: Bringing Hope to Remote Regions of Nepal.

Added: (Fri Dec 22 2023)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Since its inception in 2005, Tukee Nepal Society has been dedicated to providing crucial services in Education, Healthcare, and Social Services to communities in Nepal, with a current focus on the remote district of Dhading. The organization's primary objective is to support Education and empower all members of farming families, aiming to enhance living conditions and establish a robust foundation for their future across various facets of life. Tukee Nepal Society extends its reach to benefit all members of local families, placing a particular emphasis on women and children, as they firmly believe that enhancing women's participation in economic activities is key to fostering progressive social conditions in Nepal. Consequently, the organization incorporates women empowerment and education activities into its programs.

An accolade that underscores Tukee Nepal Society's commitment to uplifting living conditions is the prestigious Surya Nepal Awards 2011, recognizing its sustained contributions to health, sanitation, electricity, and education in Jyamrung village.

In a testament to their ongoing commitment, Tukee Nepal Society is currently in the process of expanding its operations, focusing primarily on Education and Health-related projects across additional localities in Nepal. The organization also envisions stabilizing local economies by introducing innovative income-generating opportunities, particularly through the establishment of new agro-tourism programs. These initiatives are designed not only to rejuvenate the financial prospects of local communities but also to provide investment opportunities for those interested in making a positive impact while earning a profit.

Activities undertaken by Tukee Nepal Society align with the regulations set forth by the Nepal Government's Law. Notable initiatives include the construction of school buildings for various education levels, teacher training programs, scholarship programs for those facing financial barriers to higher education, and campaigns aimed at improving female and adult education. The organization also conducts awareness programs on HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, establishes Farmers' Schools to promote modern agricultural systems, advocates for rural road construction, implements micro-finance projects for women empowerment, and operates health posts and camps in remote areas for easy access to basic healthcare needs. Furthermore, Tukee Nepal Society conducts various training programs for locals, teachers, health workers, and volunteers to enhance and update their skills.

The journey of Tukee Nepal Society traces back to its founder, Mr. Ram Sapkota, a native of Jyamrung. Growing up in a family of farmers, he intimately witnessed the impacts of poverty on individuals of all ages. Despite the challenges posed by remoteness and economic conditions, Ram pursued higher education, recognizing the transformative power of learning. Motivated by a desire to bring about societal change, he initially encouraged villagers to invest their time in productive endeavors and actively supported local women in asserting their rights.

Ram's journey evolved as he became a trekking guide, using part of his earnings to support children's education in his village. The pivotal moment came when he met a compassionate couple and journalist from Sweden, Ewa Söderberg, Dan Söderberg, and Mikael Person. Their visit to Jyamrung and firsthand experience of the subpar conditions, including open-air schooling due to dilapidated buildings, prompted them to support Ram's initiatives. This collective effort led to the establishment of Tukee Nepal Samaj in 2005.

Under Ram's leadership and with support from international well-wishers, Tukee Nepal Society has expanded its focus beyond education to comprehensive village development projects. These initiatives include building toilets, establishing affordable health centers, and organizing community treks to unearth new tourist destinations. The latter not only allows tourists to explore hidden gems but also empowers locals to engage in tourism-related businesses, ultimately elevating the overall quality of life in the region.

Submitted by:Ram Sapkota
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