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Alethea Announces Wi-Fi 7 Testing Solution

Added: (Thu Aug 03 2023)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Alethea Communications Technologies is pleased to announce that WiCheck, The universal Wi-Fi testing solution, now supports Wi-Fi 7. With the Wi-Fi 7 Golden Client Module, you can test your network from 16 to 128 Wi-Fi 7 clients, taking advantage of features like support for 320 MHz bandwidth, 4K QAM, MLO, and much more.

Experience the convenience of one-click testing with pre-built test cases. Alternatively, unleash your creativity and tailor tests to your specific needs by creating custom scenarios. WiCheck empowers you with full control over your network testing, ensuring optimal performance for any use case.

Wi-Fi testing is crucial for delivering an exceptional user experience, and WiCheck goes the extra mile by encompassing a wide range of real-user applications. From YouTube streaming, browsing, and conference calls to upload/download speeds, video quality assessment, and VoIP MOS, WiCheck provides a holistic view of Wi-Fi 7 network performance under diverse usage conditions.

"We are excited to offer the much anticipated comprehensive Wi-Fi 7 testing capability in the WiCheck. WiCheck's new Wi-Fi 7 Golden Clients Module provides extensive control and fully automated Test Packs, making it efficient for our customers to Launch their solutions" said Gagan Mittal, VP Products at Alethea Communications Technologies. "With WiCheck, users can ensure their Wi-Fi 7 networks meet the highest performance standards for various applications, guaranteeing a seamless and exceptional user experience."

Key Feature of Golden Client Module
- Set of 16 Custom built clients upgradeable to 128 clients
- Automated Wi-Fi 7 Test Packs
- Wi-Fi 7 Sniffer and Debug stats
- Exportable logs for analysis
- Comprehensive support of Wi-Fi 7 features 4096 QAM, 320 MHZ, 6Ghz, MLO, and more

Availability and Pricing:
For more information on pricing and availability, please visit our website aletheatech.com, or contact our sales team at sales@aletheatech.com

About Alethea Communications Technologies

Alethea Communications Technologies, established in 2010 by experienced professionals in wireless communications, accelerates the launch of next-gen wireless technology products and networks. Their user-centric approach emphasizes recreating end-user scenarios in the lab for validation. They offer easy-to-use and scalable test and measurement solutions in three areas:

WiCheck: Used by major OEMs and Operators, it validates Wi-Fi router, hub, or access point or network performance at scale using emulated and real Wi-Fi client devices along with real apps.

WiSure: A fully automatable test system for validating Wi-Fi functions in smart devices, including performance, stability, dynamic network changes, and different ISP backhaul (WAN).

5G and Wi-Fi Test Services - Test Lab, Automation and Visualization
Alethea provides a wide range of comprehensive test solutions and tailors its services to cater to the specific requirements of each customer. These offerings encompass application development, Automation solutions for IoT and connectivity, conducting thorough testing, as well as focusing on UX and visualization.

For inquiries or further information, please contact:

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